Thursday, 17 June 2010

What is Social Media?

At the May Brrism meeting, we asked "What is Social Media?" - here are the definitions that made it as far as the white board:

"Social media is a virtual tool that enables you to talk to people you don't know about things you care about."

"Heard it on the grapevine" Marvin Gaye

"Social media is about talking to people without leaving your house."

"Word of mouth 2.0"

"People > Power > Publication"

"Conversation > Publications :) Conversation > Publication"

"It's networking"

"Social media is nothing... unless you have something to say = CONTENT"

"We grunted, we talked, we sang, we social media'd = Evolution"

"Social media is purposeful transmission and receipt of of information. Sometimes the info being transmitted is not so purposeful - Ants have it right!"

"Social media is everything that everybody says it is... to them" (that's my one people)

So, what do you think?


  1. Good old fashioned networking but online.

    Doesn't matter about the tools, its more about the content.

    Here is my answer:

  2. Social media is being sociable online.

    It is creating conversations and human connections by publishing something online such as a comment (as I am doing here). Or a video/status update/blog - new technology on the Web is making it easier and easier for everyone to join in.

    My next workshop on social media is on 8 December 2010 in Plymouth