What does Brrism cover?

Brrism stands for Bristol Social Media (the double R is a sly reference to the Bristolian accent) but what does social media itself mean?  If you'd asked someone in Bristol a year ago what it meant you might have been told that its “Twitter, blogs and Facebook” but Bristolians are now far more savvy. “Social Media” (whatever that may be) is touching so many aspects of our lives that its definition is becoming increasingly vague and nebulous. Take a look at the Wikipedia page for Social Media and see if you can summarise it into a short pithy definition.

Perhaps the easiest way to define what Brrism is about is to look at what our previous Brrism sessions have covered:

  • The Starfish and the Spider – the unstoppable power of leaderless organisations.
  • Who are you? – you and your online identity.
  • Social Media Machinery – connecting social media tools for a measurable result.
  • Digital Economy Bill – hosted by a prospective parliamentary candidate (before the bill was passed).
  • Social Media versus Time Management – Social media can be a big drain on your time unless its managed.
  • The Wiki and the Community – How can the Brrism wiki be used to support the Brrism community.
  • Writing the Social Media Future – What social media trends of today will influence our tomorrow (research for short story).
  • Social Media is Rubbish, Discuss – the devil’s advocates view. Heretic! ;)
  • The Wikimedia Foundation – the work of the UK chapter of the global Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Search in the Stream - How live content (e.g. user generated from various social media sources) is changing search.
  • Connecting Bristol - ensuring that inclusive digital participation will enable the city to realise its potential.
  • Coworking – a new work paradigm enabled by social media.
  • Social Media is wonderful – Brrism’s rejoinder to “Social Media is Rubbish”.