Tuesday, 21 December 2010

What would you ask Jimmy Wales

There are just 4 shopping days till Christmas but, more importantly, just 23 blogging days till Jimmy Wales comes to Bristol.  We all know that its traditional in Britain to leave Christmas shopping to the last minute and hope that a Christmas Eve dash to Cribbs Causeway will come up with the goods.  I'm not sure if the same holds true for blogging about Jimmy Wales' visit though.  Maybe I can persuade all of you to make a metaphorical dash to Cribbs and help me with the blogging?  Or perhaps I should wrap this up in a bit of social media jargon and say that I'm "crowdsourcing".  Or how about I just come out with it and say: "Help! I need you to come up with some blogging ideas for his visit."

To make it easier, the first thing that I'm asking for are some SHORT QUESTIONS for a five minute interview that I'm hoping to do with Jimmy.  The interview will be videoed and uploaded to BrrismTV and there will also be an accompanying blog piece. 

Please leave your ideas (either for blog posts or quick questions) in the comments section below or, if you'd rather submit your question confidentially use the form below.

Remember that Jimmy does countless interviews and has heard all the standard Wikipedia questions by now. Also bear in mind that Jimmy's press office will have final say regarding whether we can ask the question.