Meeting Format

6:30 people start arriving & mingling. There are drinks and snacks provided.
7:00 People take seats, the Brrism organiser (Michael Corbett) introduces the meeting.
7:10 – 7:30 (approx.) Speakers 1, 2 and 3 give their presentations, each of approx 5 minutes
7:30 – Hoedown – chairs are cleared to one side and a group task ensures that everyone gets on their feet and talks to people they wouldn’t ordinarily talk to.
7:40 – Clustering – the speakers take up positions in different corners of the room and people can go and sit with the speaker who’s topic they’d like to discuss.
8:30 – Reconvene – everyone sits in a big group. Each speaker talks about some of the key points that came up in their group.
8:50 – Tidy up – put the PM Studio back the way that we found it
9:00 – Go over to the Watershed for drinks and more animated discussion.

The individual speaker talks are videoed and are uploaded to either the Facebook page or the YouTube channel.
The entire meeting is also webcast